Centralized Advising provides first year advising to students. Once a student selects a major, usually before the middle of their sophomore year, advising is done within the major area of study.

Academic Support Center 

The Academic Support Center acts as a compass to help students navigate their college careers and get a bearing on success through tutoring, advising, and on-campus job opportunities.

Accelerated Undergraduate To Graduate

Degree Programs

Fast Track Your Success! Discover how you can earn both a bachelor's degree and master's degree in just five years across a variety of academic programs in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Get started now with your Accelerated Degrees

Honors Program

The Honors Program at VSU provides unique opportunities for students to study, conduct research, and exchange ideas in a challenging and encouraging academic environment. We encourage all students who qualify for the Honors Program to join the program as early as possible. 

Study Abroad

classes are offered each year and provide students the opportunity to make connections abroad and study in interesting places while receiving academic credit. Scholarship awards, several stipends, and monetary awards are provided by various departments in Humanities & Social Sciences. 

Student Organizations and Opportunities

For Participation

Numerous Valdosta State University student organizations are very active within the College of Humanities & Social Sciences. Each department has a list of organizations related to their interest area.

Undergraduate Research Programs

The Undergraduate Research Symposium is an opportunity for undergraduate students to showcase their research, scholarship, and creative activities to the VSU community. This event has grown tremendously and has proven popular with students and faculty. Cash prizes are awarded to student researchers selected by the judging committee. If you are interested in pursuing a research topic, you may need to approach a faculty member and ask if they would sponsor your research idea. Many student projects start this way. Alternatively, faculty members sometimes ask students to participate in their ongoing research. Some student presenters have been even been recognized by being published in a refereed journal along with their faculty sponsor.